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Friday, February 04, 2005
  The Launch of Veritas

"Kilroy is here" might be the new slogan, with the launch this week of Britain's newest political party, Veritas.

In barnstorming style, Kilroy took on the massed ranks of the media in a press conference this morning at the Institute of Civil Engineers, One Great George Street, Westminster.

I am told that he chewed up the witless hacks and spat them out (leaving only hackless wits?).
Kilroy gave a 15-minute speech, lambasting Tony Blair and Michael Howard as "liars". He said his new party would be looking for the votes of those who had "been made to feel ashamed of their culture and being British".Says the Guardian, Kilroy mentioned only "mass immigration and uncontrolled asylum" as policy areas.

"The former TV star and MEP", it says, "bordered on ranting as he dismissed the entire British political establishment repeatedly as liars, before saying the British public were 'tired of yah-boo politics'."Kilroy was joined by his now deputy leader, ex-Ukip London assembly member Damian Hockney.

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