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Sunday, February 20, 2005
  Veritas: The Quest
'' Veritas, a dose of silliness which may test the patience and credulity of even the teen crowd.'' A quote from the LA Times not on the UK's newest political party but on a production by the US ABC network called ''Veritas: the Quest'' a controversial series which was cancelled after two episodes because it failed to attract viewers. The plot apparently centred on the activities of the Verities Foundation A '' mysterious brotherhood '' dedicated to ''seeking the truth behind the universal mysteries of history and civilisation''.

The Veritas Party in the UK has already been threatened with legal action by the American computer company of the same name. Which will tie in nicely with the legal papers that are due to be served shortly on Martin Cole by a consortium of those that have been defamed by the expatriate who has been slagging off UKIP activists from his home in Switzerland for far too long. As Churchill once said of Baldwin: '' He occasionally stumbled over the truth, but hastily picked him self up and hurried on as if nothing had happened.'' How very true of R K-S's chief-of-staff.
Monday, February 07, 2005

What motivates the leaders of Veritas ?

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Sunday, February 06, 2005
  Michael Phillips
A candidate in the UKIP Elections for the National Executive Committee has asked fellow members to vote for him on the grounds that he supports Robert Killroy-Silk's bid for the leadership of UKIP.

Michael Phillips, the Chairman of UKIP's Milton Keynes Branch since 1998, states in his election address: '' It is simply stark recognition that Robert Killroy-Silk can delever millions of votes to UKIP''.

Michael Philips was on the candidates list for the Euro Elections in Scotland in June. I was at that time not particulary impressed with Mr Phillips's campaigning techniques, but cleary the man has now surpassed his previously low level skills of political understanding.

When we met for the first time in a car park in Perth prior to a campaign planning meeting Mr Philips declined to shake my hand citing the negative exposer that I had on a certain blog site as the reason that I was unworthy. It is amazing how people cannot distinguish the ramblings of vanity fiction writers with obvious facts.

Mr Phillips asks UKIP members to vote for him (or not) on the basis of his support for a change of leadership. Clearly Mr Phillips is about to be given a lesson in truth.

In the meantime I am delighted to welcome my former fellow candidate in Scotland to being 'uncovered'.

Unlike other uncovering Bloggs on this site we keep to the truth.
Saturday, February 05, 2005
  Martin Cole
A central figure in the new political party is the Chief of Staff one Martin Cole who was dismissed as a potental Euro Elections Candidate for UKIP in the North East for brining the party into disrepute.

Cole, a curious character, has for the past two years blogged vile untruths from the comparitive legal safety of Switzerland, on campaigning patriots in UKIP, on a painfully tedious blog site.

More about this odious individual in future postings.

Friday, February 04, 2005
Veritas - uncovered

What motivates the leaders of Veritas ?

To boldly go where no blog has been before, unlike some blogs this blog welcomes comments and contributions.

This webblog is devoted to the truth about Britains new political party - Veritas.

Already the "knocking" has started, with The Guardian taking a tilt at the emergent "Veritas" party. In today's edition, it singles out one Anthony Bennett – better known as Tony – who is described as "a key member of Robert Kilroy-Silk's new political party.

"Bennett, it appears, co-founded an organisation called "the People's Campaign to Keep the Pound" with Ian Anderson, a former chairman of the National Front. This is the same Bennett, the Guardian says, who was fired from the UK Independence Party last year after publishing a pamphlet describing the prophet Muhammad as a paedophile – a story that was run in September by the Sunday Telegraph. Bennett has been working as a researcher for Mr Kilroy-Silk after being banned, last year, from holding any UKIP office for two years because of his writings on Islam. Kilroy, however, has defended Bennett's remarks about Muhammad, saying that they had been part of a "reasoned, academic exposition" aimed at explaining the reasons behind the September 11 terrorist attacks.

However, Bennett may not be Kilroy’s only or even main problem. Prominent at the launch of his party yesterday was another person who is known to this Blog as being a holocaust denier, a virulent anti-Semite and an Islamophobe par excellence. With colleagues of a similar persuasion, these people have been very active in the setting-up of Kilroy's new party.

Whatever Kilroy’s personal beliefs, therefore, he is attached to some very dubious people. And, despite the obvious hostility between Kilroy and UKIP, in a perverse sense, he may have done UKIP something of a favour.

  The Launch of Veritas

"Kilroy is here" might be the new slogan, with the launch this week of Britain's newest political party, Veritas.

In barnstorming style, Kilroy took on the massed ranks of the media in a press conference this morning at the Institute of Civil Engineers, One Great George Street, Westminster.

I am told that he chewed up the witless hacks and spat them out (leaving only hackless wits?).
Kilroy gave a 15-minute speech, lambasting Tony Blair and Michael Howard as "liars". He said his new party would be looking for the votes of those who had "been made to feel ashamed of their culture and being British".Says the Guardian, Kilroy mentioned only "mass immigration and uncontrolled asylum" as policy areas.

"The former TV star and MEP", it says, "bordered on ranting as he dismissed the entire British political establishment repeatedly as liars, before saying the British public were 'tired of yah-boo politics'."Kilroy was joined by his now deputy leader, ex-Ukip London assembly member Damian Hockney.

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